Peer Reviewed Publications

Do Crowdsourced Hospital Ratings Coincide with Hospital Compare Measures of Clinical and Non-Clinical Quality?

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(with Victoria Perez)

Does Competition Lead to Agglomeration or Dispersion in EMR Vendor Decisions?

Review of Industrial Organization, 53(1): 57-79, 2018.

(with Haizhen Lin and Jeff Prince)

NET Institute Working Paper Version

Learning from Waiver States: Coverage Effects Under Indiana's HIP Medicaid Expansion

Health Affairs, 37(6): 936-943, 2018.

(with Lilliard Richardson and Kosali Simon)

Hospital Ownership Type and Innovation: Evidence from Electronic Medical Records Adoption

Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 43(3): 537-561, 2018.

(with Haizhen Lin)

Information Technology and Patient Health: Analyzing Outcomes, Populations, and Mechanisms

American Journal of Health Economics, 4(1): 51-79, 2018.

(with Haizhen Lin and Jeff Prince)

NBER Working Paper version

Changes in Uncompensated Inpatient Shares Following Medicaid Expansion: Evidence from All-Capture Hospital Discharge Data

PLOS ONE, 12(9): e0183616, 2017.

(with Sayeh Nikpay, Aaron Carroll, and Kosali Simon)

Impact of the ACA Medicaid Expansion on Emergency Department Visits: Evidence from State-Level Emergency Department Databases

Annals of Emergency Medicine, 70(2): 215-225, 2017.

(with Sayeh Nikpay, Tom Buchmueller, and Hellen Levy)

The Information Value of Online Social Networks: Lessons from Peer-to-Peer Lending

International Journal of Industrial Organization, 51: 185-222, 2017.

(with Ginger Jin)

NBER Working Paper version

Capacity and Utilization in Health Care: The Effect of Empty Beds on Neonatal Intensive Care Admission

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 8(2): 154-185, 2016

SSRN Working Paper version

Public Health Insurance Expansions and Hospital Technology Adoption

Journal of Public Economics, 121: 117-131, 2015

(with Haizhen Lin and Kosali Simon)

NBER Working Paper version

Product Recalls, Imperfect Information, and Spillover Effects: Lessons from the Consumer Response to the 2007 Toy Recalls

The Review of Economics and Statistics, 94(2): 371-388, 2012

(with Melissa Kearney and Mara Lederman)

NBER Working Paper version

Health Insurance and Hospital Technology Adoption

The Economics of Medical Technology (Advances in Health Economics and Health Services Research, Volume 23), 177-198, 2012

Working Papers

Electronic Medical Records and Medical Procedure Choice: Evidence from Cesarean Sections

Revise and Resubmit, Health Economics

(with Noah Hammarlund)

How Have Recent Health Insurance Expansions Affected Coverage Among Artist Occupations?

Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Cultural Economics

(with Joanna Woronkowicz, Aparna Soni, and Kosali Simon)

Learning by Doing with Asymmetric Information: Evidence from

Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy

(with Ginger Jin)

Docs with their Eyes on the Clock? The Effect of Time Pressures on Primary Care Productivity.

Under Review

(with Ezra Golberstein, Tsan-Yao Huang, David Satin, and Laura Barrie Smith)

Observational Studies of the Effect of Medicaid on Health: Controls Are Not Enough

(with Andrew Goodman-Bacon and Noah Hammarlund)

Other Publications

Securing the Right to Health Care and Well-Being: Ten Years Later

The Covenant with Black America: Ten Years Later, Tavis Smiley (ed.), Smiley Books, 2016

(with Kosali Simon, Angshuman Gooptu, and Victoria Perez)

The Role of the Market in Health Care

Debates on U.S. Health Care, Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld, Wendy E. Parmet, Mark A Zezza (ed.) Sage Publications, Inc., 2012

(with Jill Horwitz)